You're invited to dinner at Alys' Restaurant in La Veta, Colorado! 

Each evening, we offer a delicious selection from our menu choices of lamb, steak, chicken, seafood or vegetarian... complemented with fresh vegetables and potato, rice or pasta, along with soup or salad to complete your meal.

Upon your arrival, Chef Alys Romer will present the evening's selection and offer you a choice of beverages. Enjoy coffee, tea or a soft drink with your meal or choose a fine wine, beer or after dinner drink.

Space is limited for each seating and reservations are required.

Call 719-742-3742. Special requests are always welcome.

Come enjoy a favorite dinner with close friends and family...  at Alys' Restaurant in La Veta!
"Ranked Number One of Ten Restaurants in La Veta..."  - According to
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Alys' Restaurant 
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604 S Oak Street
La Veta, Colorado  81055

We can not take reservations
by email, so please call
for Reservations:                                    719.742.3742

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Alys' Restaurant
604 South Oak Street in La Veta
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