You're invited to dinner at Alys' Restaurant in La Veta, Colorado! 

Each evening, we offer a delicious selection from our menu choices of lamb, steak, chicken, seafood or vegetarian... complemented with fresh vegetables and potato, rice or pasta. Soup or salad, along with a dessert to complete your meal.

Upon your arrival, Chef Alys Romer will present the evening's selection and offer you a choice of beverages. Enjoy coffee, tea or a soft drink with your meal or choose a fine wine, beer or after dinner drink.

Space is limited for each seating and reservations are required.

Call 719-742-3742. Special requests are always welcome.

Come enjoy a favorite dinner with close friends and family...  at Alys' Restaurant in La Veta!
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Alys' Restaurant
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604 S Oak Street
La Veta, Colorado  81055

We can not take reservations
by email, so please call
for Reservations:                                    719.742.3742

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